We need action on an
Alabama Water Plan now.

Let’s keep our rivers and streams healthy to protect our drinking water and our way of life.

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A State Water Plan will help protect Alabama’s quality of life for our children and grandchildren.

Outdoor recreation like hunting, fishing, and boating is a part of our way of life. Alabama waterways create thousands of jobs and generate hundreds of millions of dollars every year for our economy. A smart Water Plan will ensure that future generations can enjoy our outdoor traditions and the natural beauty of our state treasures.

Here’s why we must act now.

Keeping Alabama’s rivers and streams healthy and flowing will ensure the quality of our drinking water.

By protecting the amount of water flowing in our rivers and streams, a Water Plan can reduce the pollution and ensure the quality of Alabama’s drinking water. Our water supplies are like a bank account, and we can’t withdraw more than we deposit. A Water Plan will ensure enough healthy water for communities, as well as farmers and wildlife.

Here’s how you can help.

The Governor and State Legislature can do more.

Water providers, agriculture, environmental groups, local governments and the business community are working to identify and address threats to Alabama’s water supply. But we need state leadership to act now to protect the water supply for drinking, irrigating crops, recreation and wildlife. Past droughts have reduced stream levels to all-time lows, and we need a plan to protect rivers, the Bay, wildlife, and our drinking water before the next drought hits. Alabama is the only state among its neighbors that does not have a comprehensive water plan.

Here’s what needs to be in the plan.

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